• - Runs on any computer, Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • - Unlimited, massive multiplaying over the Internet or LAN.
  • - Great for building Facebook Apps – (check out this one!)
  • - Sample games included with source code (and much more)

  • - Supports sounds and music and scripting language for true interactivity
  • - Supports your local language (English, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian included).
  • - Supports turn-based games as well as real-time games. Includes turn-based game template.
  • - Customisable commands in your games.
  • - Game map support, with player tracking.
  • - Multi-area worlds (clustering)
  • - Built-in Save game function, Hall-of-fame, and more
  • - Game profiles stored either on file or into mySQL database

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