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Roadmap - To Be implemented

This page lists the changes we plan to apply to the DimensioneX game engine.

You can propose yours, under the Wish List section.

1. Remove the intermediate "password" screen when connecting. The login form will have just one step, asking for username/password. The login form will have one (optional) button to create a new game profile.


    • to simplify the login process and to uniform DimensioneX to all login schemes used in sites, applications, etc. This change will open the possibility to enable/disable automatic creation of game profiles, and restrict use of games only by Facebook users, thus enforcing the use from Facebook and have games to leverage on social network's feratures.
    • to avoid the (unfortunately frequent) bug of having the login blocked because the system does not correctly switches to the request password form (it is often need to hit refresh to log in)


The functionality of "Restart from scratch" will be lost, and a new scripting instruction for removing the player profile will be added, so if you want to let the players to restart from scratch you will have to implement this via scripting. (Suitable sample script code will be published).

2. Replace the framed structure (used nowadays) with a single-page structure using Ajax for updating its parts.


    • Compatibility with mobile devices
    • Better behaviour when game plays embedded in pages
    • Better indexing from search engines

Wish List

Add some way to specify size and positioning for vehicles image, Rationale: for letting people to click object when in vehicles (Gumbro)

Feel free to add yours