The LINKS section describes how the rooms are interconnected. This section contains any number of LINK or MLINK tags.  INCLUDE statements could be used to access libraries of reusable LINK definitions.


Each LINK tag describes a bi-directional connection, (mono-directional if the MLINK keyword is used). Usually, doors between rooms are described as bi-directional LINKs.


LINK syntax (square brackets indicate optional parts):

LINK id from-to [orientation]

NAME Name goes here

[DESCRIPTION textual description]

[ATTRLIST attributes list]

[ICON icon url]

[SHOW show_type]

[IMAGE definitions here … ]


MLINK works exactly the same, just replace LINK with MLINK and the link will be mono-directional.


The parameters are specified below. Don’t include double quotes (“) for specifying the values:


(M)LINK parameter Meaning
Id Passage identifier (mandatory)

Passage name (this text appears next to passage icon)

Special value: Specify “*” to let DimensioneX automatically use the orientation name (North /South and so on)

From ID of the room from which the passage starts (mandatory)
To ID of the room to which the passage leads (mandatory)
orientation (Optional) Char specifying the direction, determines also the icon. Possible values are N S W E U D (for North South West East Up Down).
ICON (Optional) Icon associated to this passage. If missing, the icon is determined by the orientation. If orientation parameter is also missing, then the default passage icon is used.

Comma-separated list of pairs, of the form:

Use this attribute to specify features of this passage. For example:

open=0, locked

means closed and locked.

See also: 2.11 – Attributes/properties, ATTRLIST definitions – page .

NAME The name of the link, as it will be displayed
DESCRIPTION Textual description.

(Optional) defines the SHOW type for this link, default is OFFSCREEN. See 2.9 – SHOW types for more details.

Note: Can be specified on MLINKs only


LINK example:

LINK door1 P-End WNAME door

ATTRLIST open=0,locked

ICON icoDoor.gif

2.13 CHARACTER section
2.11 Attributes/properties, ATTRLIST definitions

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