2.7 ROOMS section

The ROOMS sections describes the rooms of the game.

It simply contains one or more ROOM definitions.

INCLUDE statements could be used to include reusable libraries of ROOM definitions.



<ROOM definition>

[<ROOM definition> … ]


2.8 ROOM definition


Each ROOM definition describes a room in the game.


Syntax: (square brackets indicate optional parts):

ROOM id  [DEFAULT]     NAME Name goes here

     [DESCRIPTION Description]

     [ATTRLIST attrList]

     [PANEL panelId]

     [IMAGE definitions here … ]



The parameters are specified below. Don’t include double quotes (“) for specifying the values:


ROOM parameters Meaning
Id Identifier of the room (mandatory)
Basic principle
: ID, like all identifiers used in DimensioneX, can be made of letters and numbers, no spaces nor other characters. ID is a unique identier and cannot be used for other objects.
DEFAULT (Optional) If this keyword is specified after the ROOM’s ID, this room is used as a starting point when a player connects.
Name Room’s name (as displayed on the player’s screen)

(Optional) Description of the room. This is the text the user will read when entering in or looking at the room.


Dynamic descriptions

A description starting with the ampersand character, e.g.




Will produce a dynamic description by executing and using the return value of myFunction($AGENT).

PanelId (Optional) Id of a control panel to be used in the room. If omitted, the world’s default panel is used.

Comma-separated list of pairs, of the form:



See also: 2.11 – Attributes/properties, ATTRLIST definitions – page .


Note: If you would like the player’s position to be tracked on the game’s map you have to specify the mapx and mapy attributes. Example:

ATTRLIST     mapx=100,mapy=200

IMAGE The ROOM definition may contain one or more IMAGE definitions which specify the images associated to the room itself. For more on this, see below


Note: When using transparent scene images (GIF and PNG formats), in order to set night/day sky color, use the WORLD’s bgcolor property. Example:


Bgcolor = “#003355” ‘ Sets dark blue sky (night)
2.9 SHOW types
2.6 PAGE definition

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