This section describes a VEHICLE of the game.

Vehicles are identical to objects except for the following:

  • Inner images can have transparent areas, and through these areas the player will see the room in which the vehicle is.
  • When in a vehicle, the navigational controls will appear and they will be identical to those of the ROOM in which the vehicle is in. By using navigational controls, the player can actually drive the vehicle in the game


The screenshots below will illustrate the effect of the car example included at the end of this section.


Picture 1 – Before entering the VEHICLE

Picture 2 – After entering a VEHICLE


Syntax is identical to that of ITEMs except for the first keyword:

VEHICLE id NAME Name goes here

[DESCRIPTION textual description]

[ATTRLIST attributes list]

[CAPACITY int_value]

[VOLUME int_value]

[POSITION room_id]

[ICON icon url]

[PANEL panelId]

[SHOW type]

[IMAGE definitions here … ]



For the explanation of parameters, please see 2.16- ITEM.




VEHICLE car    NAME a car

   DESCRIPTION It is a nice car

   POSITION beach

   IMAGE 240×68 auto.gif

   INNER IMAGE 350×235 console.gif




  • For all VEHICLEs, the default CAPACITY is 10 and the default VOLUME is 10
  • For all VEHICLES; by default the hideable attribute is set to 0

The code we used for our example is provided in the demovehicles.dxw file, distributed with the DimensioneX kit.

2.15 ITEMS section

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