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Upgrading DimensioneX

KB Article n. 011
Updated: 16 May 2005
for: DimensioneX 5.6.1


This article explains how to understand DimensioneX version numbers, and decide if and when to upgrade your DimensioneX installation, and how to do that.


Understanding version numbers

DimensioneX has a release number divided in three parts:



DimensioneX 5.0.2

Here's how we define new release numbers:

  • When the major number has changed, this means: no compatibility with old version. Games running on old versions will not run on the new one - you will need to migrate the code to the new version. Usually a migration guide is published in the KB section of this site, or on the forum.

  • When the minor number has changed, this means: compatibility with old version is possible with minor fixes. Check the forum for instructions about how to adjust your code for new version.

  • When the revision number has changed, this means: compatibility with old version guaranteed. Code running on the previous version is guaranteed to run on the new one.


Should I upgrade?

The decision is all yours, depending on the games you might have developed and the release of DimensioneX they run on. In general, we always recommend to upgrade.

Please note:

  • Each time a new version is released, demo files World1, World2 and World3(net) included in the DimensioneX kit will come adapted for the new version.
  • If you run into trouble while adapting files from the old to the new version, just ask for help in the Forums.


How to upgrade

Here is a safe and standard procedure:

Step 0 - Backup your dimx installation folder: make a ZIP with everyhting inside, plus a copy of the folder on another drive or location. Finally, rename the dimx folder into dimx_old

Step 1 - Download the new DimensioneX kit. Unpack the ZIP so that the new dimx folder is created where the old one was before.

Step 3 - Test your new installation.

Step 4 - One by one, copy your game files into the new dimx folder, and adapt them as needed. If other files / folders are required (eg. skins or pictures, copy them as needed)

Step 5 - Delete the dimx_old folder when finished. You should still have the backups, however.

If something goes wrong, just delete the new dimx folder, and restore the old one to its original name and location.