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Getting your game hosted

KB Article n. 017
Updated: Oct, 8th, 2004
Originally for: DimensioneX 5.1.1


This article explains how to get a free or at least an affordable hosting service for your game developed with DimensoneX.



DimensioneX is actually an application for any Java-enabled web server, typically the Tomcat web server. The game engine is actually a java servlet. Therefore, finding a free or an affordable game hosting is an easy task.

Free option - DimensioneX

If you want to exploit this opportunity, just follow the steps below:

  1. Get a free web space wherever you want (hypermart.net, bravenet.com, geocities, there are hundreds of free web space providers around)
  2. Place on your web space your game's DXW file and related graphics/sound files.
  3. Send us the URLs of your DXW file, together with a chosen administration password. Within 48 hours you should have your server ready which you can independently administrate via HTTP by using your own admin password.
  4. As soon as your game changes, you will simply publish new versions on your own webspace, our server will just fetch the DXW source via the net.
  5. You will also get full credits, free publicity and lifetime membership  to the DimensioneX project. Contact us for more info.

Fairly cheap option - get a ADSL line with fixed IP

If you want to exploit this opportunity, just follow the steps below:

  1. Subscribe for an ADSL connection with fixed IP number (also dynamic IP would work, but it will be difficult for other users to find out where the game is, in this case). An ADSL flat rate in Italy costs currently around 80$/month.
  2. Ensure your system can keep the incoming port 8080 open, or at least the port 80. This possibility should be verified before subscribing.
  3. Install DimensioneX on your system, possibly change the Tomcat's port to 80 if needed. Verify DimensioneX works properly with the included demo games.
  4. When using your ADSL-connected PC, determine your external IP number (often ADSL users are forced to pass through a router so your PC's IP number will be different if accessed from outside your home). You can use this service: www.ic.sunysb.edu/cgi-bin/MyIP for this.
  5. Ask a friend or use another PC connected, say, via modem to check that your "home server" is now accessible. Use an URL like the following:
  6. Done. If you want, place the graphics on a separate, external web space as explained here (mode A), so that your ADSL bandwith is not reduced by DimensioneX game users.

Less cheap option - get a paid java-enabled server

If you want to exploit this opportunity, just follow the steps below:

  1. There are some service providers around which offer affordable servlet hosting (you can try a google search with these keywords to find a list of them). Some of them are: www.kattare.com , www.kgbinternet.com but there are many others.
  2. Check carefully prices and conditions. We can't guarantee anything but DimensioneX should work on ALL servlet hosting providers with just a little attention in configuration issues.
  3. Be aware that cheaper hosting options are not very reliable: the game servlet may be unloaded when server memory is low, with the result that the game gets a reset. So, please check carefully before subscribing. If possible, ask them for the possibility to make some tests before buying their service.
  4. If you need assistance, just ask

In general, feel free to contact us or post on the forum to give us some feedback or ask for more advice.