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How to run DimensioneX 
under Tomcat 5.0.x

KB Article n. 022
Date: 22 September 2004
Originally for: DimensioneX v.5.4.2


DimensioneX version 5.4.2 and earlier will not run out-of-the box on Tomcat 5.0.x. However, it is quite easy to run DimensioneX under this version of Tomcat, simply by renaming a file. 

This document tells you how to do this, letting you to take advantage of the new features of Tomcat.

Which Tomcat 5?

1. On the Tomcat Web Site, the Tomcat version 5.0.28 is available (choose Download->Binaries and then search for Tomcat 5.0.x in the page). This version is designed to run on recent JDKs.

2. If you are a Windows user, it is strictly recommended that you download the ".exe" version, which is a self-extracting, self-installing file. With this one, the installation procedure will be very easy.

3. If you are not using Windows, then you will download a ZIP file which you should unpack and install according to the instructions.

Installing Tomcat 5

1. When you install Tomcat 5 you are prompted to choose the installation folder. Although not strictly necessary, it is recommended that you choose a simple location such as: 


instead of the proposed one. The setup wizard will look like this:

Take note of the drive letter you specified (D or C or .. ?) before clicking [Next].

2. The setup wizard will now try to determine the position of your Java SDK. If it can not succeed, you will have to tell the setup wizard by clicking the [...] button and browsing your computer (You have Java2 already installed do you?!?).

3. The setup wizard asks you for an administration password, and server port which you normally leave unchanged (8080). At the end of the installation you normally run the Tomcat server, which will show up as a small icon in the icon tray.

If the icon has the following shape: 

Then the service is actually stopped. You actually have to right-click and select Start Service. The icon changes to green. 

Test your Tomcat installation by running the server and accessing for example http://localhost:8080/ If the Tomcat webserver home page appears, then OK - proceed. Otherwise, refer to Tomcat's documentation.

Install and patch DimensioneX

  1. Now unpack the DimensioneX KIT into D:\tomcat\webapps (or C:\tomcat\webapps) as explained in the DimensioneX readme file (that is, preserving folder structure).
  2. The dimensioneX server will not run immediately. Stop the Tomcat service (right-click the tomcat icon, Stop service)
  3. Go to D:\tomcat\webapps\dimx\WEB-INF folder. Delete the file named WEB.XML. This one is designed to run on Tomcat 4.
  4. Now rename the file WEB_5.XML to WEB.XML. This file is designed for use with Tomcat 5. At service start, the webserver looks for WEB.XML and if it is the coorect one, lets the DimensioneX game server to run.

Done! DimensioneX should be able to correctly run  by accessing http://localhost:8080/dimx/ .


If you made a mistake, you usually can have some hint on the Tomcat logs, kept in D:\tomcat\logs. Also, DimensioneX has its own log file in its system folder, file is named debug.log (this requires Tomcat to reckognise first the dimx package correctly, though).

Need help?

If you need help, feel free to ask for support.