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If you just want to play: no need to download anything! just go to play now! This page is for wanna-be game developers only!

Installation instructions? Watch the video
Quick start here: README.pdf . For inexperienced users we recommend the detailed Installation Manual.


Essential Software for Game Developers

DimensioneX Developer's Reference

Documentation for developing games on DimensioneX, a PDF document. 


DimensioneX-to-Facebook KIT (PHP)

Seamlessly transforms any DimensioneX game into a fully-featured Facebook Game App such as this one.
Includes the super-easy DimensioneX Ajax package (usable also on other projects of yours!).

Requirements: Needs to be installed on a PHP+mySQL webspace

Journal to RSS converter PHP script

Converts on-the-fly any DimensioneX game's journal (plain text format, proprietary) into a standard RSS feed.
The resulting RSS feed can then be piped via twitterfeed.com or hootsuite.com for great Web 2.0 reuse (Facebook pages, Twitter, you name it).

Requirements: Needs to be installed on a PHP website

TextPad (highly recommended!)

It's a very good and light text editor. Avoid using Windows Notepad (which can't save UTF-8 text format). Use this one to produce games in local language. Great ease of use in only 2.5 MB and colored syntax helper extension available. 


this syntax file will allow you to develop DimensioneX - DXW files with helper colors. How to install the helper: Video Tutorial


- or - alternative to TextPad


Free text editor, this one also can write files in UTF-8 text.

Download it from http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net  


Another text editor, this one also can write files in UTF-8 text.

Download it from http://www.editplus.com/download.html

this plugin written by Tom Maaswinkel will allow you to develop DXW code with helper colors.


Essentials and Utilities


Other recommended software

FoxIt Free PDF Reader (must have)

You need it in order to read the PDF documentation. Stop using that slow and sluggish Adobe Reader! This is really FAST and free. About 1MB in size only! A must-have.

Download installer from here: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/foxitreader/foxitreader.exe

Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop (very handy)

Open, convert, edit, manipulate, optimize for the web. This great image manipulation software will let you prepare images for great games on your DimensioneX platform, and it's much cheaper than other packages. Includes Animation Shop (for making animated GIFs).

Download version 7.02 (30 days evaluation) clicking here or another, newer version from http://www.jasc.com

WinZip (must have)

You will use it to unpack the files as explained in the instructions. 

Download it from http://www.winzip.com


More Third-Party Utilities

Provided by DimensioneX users, you might find them useful too.

WordPress Free Multiplayer Games Plugin

If you use this great, Open Source CMS (Content Management System) then you will enjoy this opportunity. This plug in instantly adds all the existing Multiplayer Games into your own web site! (the WordPress CMS can be found on http://www.wordpress.org ).

 Download and installation instructions on our multiplayer plugin page.

Animated Fantasy Screen Saver

Magnificent PC Screen Saver, free from our partner site Fantasy Art