2.15 ITEMS section

This section describes the items contained in our game. It may contain any number of ITEM and VEHICLE definitions, in any order.  INCLUDE statements could be used to include libraries of reusable ITEM or VEHICLE definitions.


Syntax: (square brackets indicate optional parts):


[ITEM definition]

[VEHICLE definition]

[… other ITEM or VEHICLE …]


This section describes an ITEM of the game.

Items are objects that do not represent people, but can be small objects, containers, even animals.

2.16 ITEM

ITEM syntax (square brackets indicate optional parts):


NAME Name goes here

[DESCRIPTION textual description]
[TYPE typeId]
[ATTRLIST attributes list]
[CAPACITY int_value]
[VOLUME int_value]
[POSITION room_id]
[ICON icon url]
[PANEL panelId]
[SHOW type]
[IMAGE definitions here … ]


The parameters are specified below. Don’t include double quotes (“) for specifying the values:


Tag Meaning
ID Identifier (mandatory)
NAME Name (as seen by the player)
DESCRIPTION Descriptive text as seen when the player looks at
POSITION Initial position ID. May be either another item or a character, or a room.
ATTRLIST (Optional) Additional attributes list. It’s a comma-separated list, see the related paragraph below.
TYPE (Optional) Specifies a type identifier. The type identifier specifies the class this ITEM belongs to.
ICON (Optional) Icon. If not specified, the default one as defined in the players’ skin will be used.
CAPACITY (Optional) Has got sense only for those objects capable of cointaining other objects. If not specified, defaults to 5 units. See also 2.11.2 – CAPACITY and VOLUME attributes.
VOLUME (Optional) Represents the size of the object, expressed in units. Defaults to 1. You may want to give bigger volumes to bigger objects. See also 2.11.2 – CAPACITY and VOLUME attributes.
SHOW (Optional) Specifies a SHOW type. OFFSCREEN is the default. See section about SHOW types for details.
IMAGE (Optional) one or more IMAGE definitions which specify the images associated to the room itself.
Definition of such tag is given in section 2.10 – IMAGE
PANEL PanelId (Optional) Specifies a control panel to be used inside the item (mostly used in VEHICLEs). If omitted, the world’s default panel is used.
INNER IMAGE (Optional) Definition of an IMAGE of the ITEM internal. This is used for big ITEMs which can contain players (typically VEHICLEs). Don’t forget to specify INER IMAGE’s width and height.
ZOOMIMAGE (Optional) Definition of an IMAGE for the zoomed ITEM. This is used when the is looked at. Corresponds to the zoomImage property and it is never used for scene rendering, but just for zoom view.



a simple item

ITEM apple
NAME an apple
ICON icoMela.gif
DESCRIPTION A nice red apple… maybe it’s good and tasty…
ATTRLIST pickable
IMAGE 121×88 mela.gif
     SHOW          ICON


This example refers to an hamburger, owned by the “bodybuilder” character, it is pickable (but the body builder should agree!)



For vehicles that can be driven please use the VEHICLE type, see below.

Several identical items will require identical tags with different IDs.

2.13 CHARACTER section

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