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Welcome to "The Beach"

The Beach is a free online game played through your internet browser, it uses the Dimensionex game engine to allow you to interact and play with other people on line too. To read more about the development see the forums or the about section

The Story so far:

You are on a lost island where strange people live. You have been told a treasure chest has been hidden somewhere, however the map was lost. Are you able to complete this adventure and become the new island's owner? Play with friends, as a team, or even compete between yourselves!

This game has been developed with (and runs on) the DimensioneX game engine. Its purpose was to demonstrate how DimensioneX can be used to build point-and-click adventure games with multiplayer capability.

It is a nice game too. Since the solution for the game is always different (well, at least if you don't know the quickest solution) I've had hours of fun racing against friends for the quest to the correct key.

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Most of the filming of "The Beach" took place in the smaller of the two Phi Phi islands. The larger island is filled with hotels and beach front bars. Phi Phi Leh is actually a National Park.