Simple Dice Game - Instructions



This is a very basic dice game. It consists of three turns each.

Each time, a player will roll two dices: who gets the highest score wins the turn.

At the end of the three turns, who got the highest score wins.

As you see, this game is purely based on luck.


How to play

The game has several status:

  • "pre" mode - The game has not commenced yet. When the correct number of players is there (almost 2), the one who clicks [Start Game] button initiates the game (play mode) an rolls the dice first
  • "play" mode - The game is running. The two players see the same situation on the computer screen and have to click the [Roll Dice] button for rolling the dice. When the three cycles have been played, the game ends ("end" mode).
  • "end" mode -  The game is over result remains there or people to see. The game can be restarted (back to "pre" mode) by clicking on the [Reset] button.
  • "pause" mode - The game is paused when it was running and a player disconnects. The game will be back to running ("play" mode) as soon as a player joins and takes the empty place.


Player management

The game is a multplayer and, since there is no guarantee that the target number of players (two) will be always fit, some management rules will apply:

  • If there are less than two players, the game cannot start
  • If there are more than two players, the exceeding users can stay and be watching/chatting with others.
  • When the game is running and gets paused due to a player exiting, the game gets automatically paused ("pause" mode). The game automatically restarts as soon as a player joins and takes the empty place.
  • If the game has not started, a watching player can join as soon as a place gets free, by clicking on the [Start Game] button.
  • If the game was started, one player exited, and one place is empty, the watching user can join but he/she must disconnect and reconnect to get the free place.


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