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This section provides you with an overview of some packages competing with DimensioneX.

For each one, there is a brief independent, subjective opinion/review by DimensioneX author Cris, with comparison with our package. At the end, you will find a comparison grid.

Notice to the authors of competitor packages: Please don't be angry with me because of my opinions. Feel free to rectify and tell me what I understood wrong (go to Contacts page), and I will gladly update your review if appropriate. Feel free to contact me to tell me about new products to include and review.


( http://arianne.sourceforge.net/  )
(from the project page) Arianne is a multiplayer online engine to develop turn based and real time games providing a simple way of creating the game server rules and clients like Stendhal. Marauroa, our server, uses Java and MySQL for hosting hundreds of players on a solo host.
To play the games you need to

(a) Click a button - the client installs via Java Web Start Technology
(b) to register at a central server.

Developed games sample screenshot:


  • There are two demos with source to look at. Retrieved them from their CVS repository with no difficulty.


  • Playing is difficult if you are behind a firewall, since the server is on a port different from the 80.


is a suite to build and run multiplayer games. It is freeware.
To play the games you need to

(a) download and install an application and
(b) to register at a central server.

Developed games sample screenshot here


  • There are several demos and documentation to look at, good set of online games which are a measure of good success.


  • Both playing and registering won't work if you are behind a firewall.
  • The application environment is based on a built-in text editor and involves much scripting, it uses a language derivate from C/C++ which looks fairly complicate to use for beginners.


also Open Source from the SourceForge family, it is a tool to create online video games with no programming experience. Currently has a text interface with photo-realistic graphics and compass for movement, in the future release they have announced a MYST-like interface.

Developed games sample screenshot here


  • The programming environment has point-and-click tools, then it is not based on text editors.


  • I was not able to play the demo game online, the site reported my browser was not java-enabled (it was, instead).
  • There is no guarantee from the package information that the online game you produce will be multiplayer, too.
  • The point-and-click programming environment is aimed at creating the necessary programming logic which is intrinsically complicated to first-time users. Apart from being a nice gadget, using the dev tool looks to me even more complicated than writing a conventional text program. I wondered if people with no programming experience can actually understand what they are doing while clicking here and there.


The site has a cool design and graphics but could't find enough information about this engine. All I could understand is that it includes a server and a client part, which is needed for users to play. The documentation seems to be lacking, but seems to have got a good user's forum. Targeted to windows users. The Pros/Cons list was compiled thanks to Richard S

Developed games sample screenshot here


  • 10-30 minute learning curve
  • very simple tools, simplistic admin/mod/developer commands
  • the mapper is extremely simple to use


  • Requires port forwarding for lans, or opening up firewalls
  • Limited documentation, poor user support
  • Limit to 256 items/shops
  • Only 1 player can occupy a given square
  • User-reported problems when attempting to run on windows XP systems
  • User-reported crashes when connected to the Internet


( http://neorealm.20m.com/ )
From the site: "NeoRealm is a mean and lean fully customizable isometric MMORPG system. It will be free to use and customize for your own world, module, game or dream. The rule system will be Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 based including spells and new abilities and feats" 
The screenshot is promising, but it is not updated since 2003. Targeted to windows users.  

Developed game sample screenshot here


  • claims to be easy to use learning curve
  • Nice isometric view


  • Client is actually an ActiveX control: limits player to Windows, IE, low security settings.
  • Impossibile to download anything (the day we've tried).
  • No trace of documentation
  • Alpha version might be unstable
  • You will likely be able to generate only clones of the demo game

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