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DimensioneX contributors so far:

Who Did what
Cris, Italy
cris (at) dimensionex (dot) net

(DimensioneX project co-ordinator)

Development of multiplayer game engine
Language support for Italian and English
Games Development: Underworld, The Beach
User support
Realizzazione Siti Web Bologna This website (English, Italian), SEO, web promotion and marketing
Marko Peussa, FInland Design and development of Citadels online game
Carl Nagle, USA Development of multiplayer game engine.
Custom language processors and extensions.
Tango GamesClan.it , Italy Hosting for games since 2004
Nicholas "Euroman" Belmont, Genova, Italy Game Development: "Medievil" (formerly "Night of the Vampire")
Skin Developelopment: Nightmare skin
Ferion di Ransagor, Italy Games Development: Le Terre di Ransagor
Kevin Perry, quickplayhorseracingsoftware.com Tutorial: How to set up DimensioneX on GoDaddy.com
Eric "cotteux" Couture, Québec, Canada Support for French language
Games development: Dragon Dice Online


Przemek, Poland Language file for Poland, support for UTF-8 issues
Stuart Buck, UK Official Website for: The Beach Game
Ricardo Lorenzo, Spain, http://todojuegosgratis.es Language file for Spanish
Sabrina Accordino, Italy Official Logo for the game. Underworld Online (Sottomondo)
Hellcutter, Québec, Canada Game Development: NetWork Arena, Network skin
Fu-Hsing Tsai, China Beta testing for support to Chinese and extended charsets
Support for Traditional Chinese language
Marcus Chan, Hong Kong, China
marcuschan99 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Enhancements for support to Chinese and extended charsets
Support for Simplified Chinese language
Kevin Loring, www.dunedinrpg.com Block for PHP Nuke, Game Development
Tom "Devil Online" Maaswinkel,  Nederlands Support for Dutch language
STX file for editing DXW files with EditPlus(TM)
Dutch forum moderation
Dutch website
Development of Full Installer
User support
Oleg Kuzutin, Ukraine Support for Ukrainian and Russian languages
Skin design
Games Development
Joken "FreedomFleet" Josh*, USA Language adaptations for English
Beta testing
Games Development
Startup of new forum on InvisionFree
PiotrLegnica, Poland Support for Polish language
Abbadon, Italy
erozerocreations (at) email (dot) it
DimensioneX Logo
Hosting for games in 2001-2002
Bré, Italy Hosting for games and Underworld website in 2003
Ryan, Canada Beta-testing
Matteo "Krisaore" Palmarini, Germany Italian version for Underworld, 2004

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