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To summarise:

  1. We have learnt how to gather the game scenes and build a navigable game setting (steps 1 - 4)
  2. We have seen that a game plot is developed, and additional items and characters are added to the game, immediately obtaining basic, built-in interactivity. Objects' attributes can be specified to model game behaviour (steps 5 - 7)
  3. We have seen how true interactivity, messages and sound can be easily added by attaching SmallBasic scripts to the game's events. (steps 8-9)

If you want, you can download here the finished tutorial game, Testland.

What next?

Our tutorial is over but the development of the game may continue until you're really happy with it. Try and look with critical eye to your work and think about how weaknesses of the game can be overcome. For example:

  • The actor we have (the surfer) is not very talkative. It would be better to make him say something when somebody looks at him or when you speak to him. Use the onLook or the onListen events. 

  • If a player gives to the surfer the right key for the door, then the game becomes impossible to solve. This can be a problem.

  • When the game is over, it is necessary to restart the game. Also this can be a problem, especially if the game is installed on a unattended server. You may place a switch in order to allow players themselves to restart. Also, you can exploit the onTick event to make it automatic.

  • If you need help, post a question on the users' forum.

  • Submit your game to us. Even if you just have a basic game setting, submit it. If you leave it alone on your hard disk, nobody will ever know about it, so you have wasted your time. If you submit it, then we will publish it and somebody could get to know you and possibly want to bring your project forward. Here's how to submit your game

Now go at the next step and tell us what you think about this tutorial 

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