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DimensioneX.net gets more than 14,000 visits per week and we are happy to exchange links with related websites.

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1. Please verify that your site is related to gaming. It has to be a gaming site, NOT gambling. Please verify also that your links page is reachable within 1 click from your homepage as we do.

2. Place the link to us on your website before writing us. AVOID to contact us if the link is not already there.

We are interested in recyprocal links only: we link to a site only if it has a link to us and whose link page is 1 click away from the home page. Only this type of links significantly increases the PageRank Google assigns to sites.

If you accept these rules, once the link is visibile on your website, just send an e-mail to


and indicate the page containing the link to www.dimensionex.net, please specify URL and description for the return link. If you want, attach an image or a banner to be used.

The link to you will appear in the links section - just one click away from all our pages. Never remove the link to us, or we will have both wasted our time!


(You can also put paid ads on this website - see under Contacts)


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DimensioneX - Free Multiplayer MMORPG Games - Play immediately browser-based OR build your own!

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