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Here is a list of multiplayer environments and demos built with the Free Open Source DimensioneX Multiplayer Game Engine

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Webmasters! Embed this game into your web pages! Picture Gallery - (new!) e-Commerce-oriented environment / webservice integration

Implements a picture gallery as you have never experienced before.

Interesting integration between a multiplayer environment built with DimensioneX and a Wordpress blog showing off pictures. DimensioneX fetches the list of published pictures from the blog by means of a HttpFetch call - Web-service like. This pictures list is produced thanks to a simple Wordpress plugin made by Cris.

When a new picture is published on the blog, the gallery gets automatically updated.

Pictures are published courtesy of www.fantasy-art-wallpaper.com and can be actually bought via deviantArt.com.

This demo actually serves as a showcase to make people check out and then buy fine prints. (Download source)

Official site for the pictures: Fantasy Art

mapdemo MAP Demo - Demo world

Demonstrates how MAPS can be easily used thanks to the newly-added MAP support. (Download source)

CSI Self Preservation - Text MUD Demo by Carl Nagle

Inspired from the CSI television series, this one demonstrates the use of the LanguageParser plugin, implementing a text-driven commands interface. The text commands are parsed by a java class, thus allowing maximum processing speed.

Text Input Demo - (new!) Demo world

Demonstrates how to parse text commands by using in-game string processing scripts (Download source)

All of the demos in this page have been developed with the DimensioneX multiplayer game engine and toolkit.


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Developed* with the DimensioneX Multiplayer Game Engine - coming soon:

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Brethren of the Coast by Kurgan