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Features of DimensioneX games

If you use the DimensioneX kit, your game - right from its simplest version - will feature:

  • Online Multiplayer capability: Unlimited users can play simultaneously connecting via the network.
  • Compatibility with any browser: Users don't have to download anything to play!
  • Multimedia: graphics, icons, messages are used to make the game realistic.
  • Audio support: Sound and music can be used in the games to add dynamism.
  • Save game feature. Players can save, exit and come back to continue their game.
  • Customisable avatars, graphic buttons, skins and events.
  • Support for game map (with player tracking!)
  • Supports any image format, support for panoramic and 360 images (QuickTime VR)
  • Support for Day/Night cycles.
  • Can include banners. Useful if you wish to earn from them (we don't) 
  • If you want you can go straight to Games Showcase and to Multiplayer Demos Showcase

Features of DimensioneX game server

  • Runs anywhere even on cheap hardware: A normal Pentium with a 56K modem is sufficient to act as a game  development server. Runs also on Linux and the Macintosh. 
  • Free hosting: We host your project if you cannot afford one.
  • True interactivity: A scripting language similar to Basic lets you bind code to game objects for high interactivity.
  • On-screen debugging. Scripting errors are directly shown in your browser.
  • Multi-area worlds (clustering). Make you game project grow by adding independent modules and share and reuse code by means of the Include directive.
  • Free documentation and support. Step-by-step Installation guide, a growing knowledge base and WIKI, Developer's Reference and forum based support service. Powerpoint slides also available for game programming course teachers!
  • Develop games in any national language. Built-in support for: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Dutch. Any language in the world can be supported with minimal effort.
  • Word filter for preventing the use of bad words in chat
  • Optionally working with any mySQL relational database for data storage.
  • Java Sources available: DimensioneX is Open Source - distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  • It's completely free: Fantastic, isn't it?
  • If you want you can go straight to Game Engine Download


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