Tutorial step 0 – Install DimensioneX

The first thing you should do to develop a multiplayer game, is to get and have a running instance of DimensioneX on your PC.

  • First of all, go to the Download page and download the Ultra-Easy package, which is a complete portable webserver including all you need.
  • To install, you simply unzip the easy package and move “DimxPortable” folder you’ve got inside the root folder your local drive (say, C:\ for Windows users). Note that it is not a real installation: it will not slow down your PC as it’s a portable environment. Now open the “DimxPortable” folder and double click “Start”: a menu will appear. Then, click “Documents” in this menu and open the “start from here.txt” file to learn the remaining steps to start the game server.
  • If you are a Mac user, things are slightly more difficult because you will have to install Java and the Tomcat webserver (find a guide here) then deploy the DimensioneX package on it. Our guide covers it all.
  • If you are a Linux user, just follow instructions for the Mac, and adapt it to your own case.


DimensioneX is a Java application running with the following tested configurations/requirements:

  • Tomcat 6 + Java/JDK 1.6.*
  • Tomcat 7 + Java/JDK 1.8.*

It might work with other Java versions and webservers but we cannot guarantee this (if you want, test and let us know if a new configuration succeded).

Once you have the development environment verified and working, you are ready to create your first game.

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Tutorial step 1 - Understand what goes where
How to develop your first MMORPG game with DimensioneX - Tutorial

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